Shawn Crawford

Shawn Crawford in Nanaimo - Northridge Health Performance Centre

Shawn Crawford

Like many B.C.-natives Shawn’s childhood involved plenty of time in the great outdoors. From skiing and competitive swimming at a young age to multi-day hikes as a teenager and now mountaineering as an adult, staying active and in touch with nature has always been a priority in his life.


After moving to Asia in 2013 to work as a Kindergarten teacher it quickly became obvious that in order to maintain his fitness and be able to continue to accomplish his alpine objectives that focusing on strength & conditioning training would be an absolute necessity. From there Shawn became engrossed in learning about how to maximize performance and minimize injury through resistance training while maintaining a healthy balance with everything else in life!


Shawn enjoyed the teacher/student dynamic and wanted to continue being an instructor but knew that it’d have to be outside of the school system and would have to connect with his love for sports and training. After repatriating back to Canada during the summer of 2016 he began actively mentoring aspiring rock climbers and running outdoor adventure programs for kids and teens in Whistler.

At this time Shawn also made a career change decision-to become a certified personal trainer. Taking his certification and practicum through Canadian Fitness Education Services was Shawn's first step, followed by a mentoring process with a number of highly skilled local personal trainers.


Most recently Shawn’s personal fitness focus has been towards endurance sports. He can be found regularly running, cycling, or swimming around town in preparation for upcoming races. You can also often spot him dangling from many of Nanaimo’s local outdoor climbing areas whenever the weather is nice. Don’t be shy to ask him about local trails and spots to check out if you’re looking for a new adventure!


Shawn believes in training not just for performance but for longevity as well and giving his clients the knowledge and tools to approach their fitness in terms of ‘life-long’. Whether your goals are to participate in your first triathlon, hike Mount Benson, or to get stronger and move better in general Shawn can offer you an eclectic mix of training formats and styles to help get you there.




“We do not rise to the level of our hopes, we fall to the level of our training” ~ Archilochus


"Success is neither magical, nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals." ~ Jim Rohn


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