Russell McNeil Personal Training Instructor

Russell McNeil in Nanaimo - Northridge Health Performance Centre

Russell McNeil

LiveWell Sculpt, Cardio Sculpt, Yoga & Core

Russell has been a fitness leader and trainer in Nanaimo since 1997.

Now retired from VIU, where he taught Physics and Liberal Studies for 18 years, Russell has a PhD in physics – and continues to offer courses in several subjects through VIU’s continuing Education department. Back in the 1970s Russell pioneered a laser radar technology that eventually made its way to Mars on board NASA’s Phoenix lander in 2009.

Besides fitness (which is a major part of his life), Russell has a passion for writing and for photography. His book, “The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius” is available through Skylight Paths Publishing. His photographs have been available at various street markets in Nanaimo and Parksville for the past few years. You can see them yourself online through this link:

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