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Kolbi Wingenbach in Nanaimo - Northridge Health Performance Centre

Kolbi Wingenbach


Kolbi Wingenbach –BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Spin instructor

Up until I was 18 I was never incredibly physically active nor was I interested in sports. After taking a year of Massage Therapy in College, I decided to alter my career direction. I utilized the knowledge I gained through my education regarding muscles- movements, stretching, strengthening, and the overall physiology of the human body. My desire for training others began when I started weight training and building programs on my own.

Fitness has pulled me through many hurdles in life, changing my negative outlook to positive, and motivating me to become a healthier, better me!

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I like to first build a general exercise foundation. Doing so, allows me to work in a progressive fashion that assists clients in achieving their personal goals. While stressing the importance of proper form and posture, I intend to challenge and guide clients to their limits. I hope to enhance overall functionality of ones’ body by designing appropriate programs that work with and around an individual’s limitations! My goal is to inspire others with my strong belief that a balanced exercise regime can, and will, benefit anyone no matter their level of fitness.


“Exercise is a cure!”

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