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  • Carolyn Hancox-Barr has been an enthusiastic leader in the 'fitness world' throughout British Columbia for the past 3+ decades. People who come in contact with her are positively impacted by her genuine love for life, fitness, and the people around her; her bubbly personality and infectious smile always 'light up the room'.


    Because of her passion and commitment to physical, spiritual, and emotional health, I feel that I've become more passionate, as a result of being around her. She displays a great deal of knowledge in regards to both micro and macro nutrition, and she understands health from both a scientific and personalized point of view.


    As a University student, I chose to take my Bachelor of Arts in both Physical Education and Psychology. She has been a very positive role model to me, and I have always appreciated her knowledge regarding sport psychology, nutritional health, and biomechanics; she has relayed a great amount of this understanding to me over the years, and I am forever grateful.


    It is with great privilege that I testify to the fact that she would be a worthy recipient of this award! I truly consider her a dynamic and positive role model in our community, and  appreciate all the wisdom and knowledge that she has 'passed down' to me throughout the time that I've known her. Time and time again she has demonstrated her heart for other people, and I feel privileged to call her both a mentor and a friend. 

    Passion and Commitment
  • Kolbi is a large reason why I'm still coming to the gym with regularity and willingness. Her cheerfulness does not seem forced, I've come to trust her knowledge, and not once has she made me feel negative or like a failure.

    Probably what I cherish most about Kolbi is how she handles my bad days: she pushes me but not too much, encourages me but it's not fake, and then gently works with me even when I am barely present mentally. She's receptive to my suggestions and preferences, finding compromises that work for me while still pushing me to improve. This may be her job, but I don't doubt that Kolbi cares about my well-being and improvement.

    Thank you.”

    -Karena B.

    I trust her knowledge
  • "Having my personal trainer revamp my program on a regular basis was so important in achieving my goals"

    Verna S.

    Achieved my goals with my personal trainer
  • “I lost 2 dress sizes during the first 6 weeks following your Makeover Program and feel amazing!” I am thrilled with my results!
     Diana P

    I feel amazing!
  • "I always find each new program challenging, pushing me to just a little more, and rewarding . . . I went from a size 14 to a size 8"

    Thank you!

    Connie L

    Lost 3 sizes in your challenging and rewarding program

  • Your Makeover Program has completely remade my body. Retired as a Commercial Airline pilot, I saw my body aging and gaining weight around my middle. After following your Makeover Program my body is now strong and youthful and I have never felt this much energy

    Michael W. Retired Air Canada Pilot


    I have my youth back
  • Carolyn Hancox-Barr and her outstanding Fitness Centre have been an integral part of my health success over the last 20+ years.

    Carolyn has an incredible ability to structure her workouts and classes for the greatest benefit of the age group of the participants (even tho' any age can benefit).

    She attracts other dynamic instructors and trainers as well so there is always a class or one on one trainer to 
    suit each individual.

    She gives so much to this community and deserves all the thanks we can give her.

    Judy K

    Outstanding Fitness Centre
  • “As someone who has struggled with eating disorders and body dysmorphia from an early age it was extremely intimidating and nerve-racking to sign up with a personal trainer. I was especially wary that a man might not understand my training needs, either expecting too much or going to easy on me, but Shawn has proven himself as an exceptional listener and has helped me work through my feelings and apprehensions in order to create healthy and realistic goals for myself.

    I’ve come to appreciate his kind yet firm demeanor and look forward to our sessions even more as I continue to get stronger. He is awesome and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to develop a long-term fitness program.”

    Elizabeth M

    An exceptional listener
  • Hi my name is Mike Rail.  I was diagnosed with IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) January 2014.  I was told I needed to lose weight and get in shape to help with a successful transplant lung surgery.  My respiratologist recommended the "Take Heart and Breathe Well Program" at Northridge Health Performance Centre.  

    Carolyn and her team made me a workout suited to my health condition and progression of disease in order to lose the weight needed and to strengthen my body for the surgery.  Without this program  I don't think my surgery and recovering would have been as successful as it was.  Then, after my double lung transplant, returning to the program to strengthen and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

     I am a proud graduate of the program.  Also now a very proud member of the Northridge Health Center. I am forever grateful for the knowledge, support and encouragement from Carolyn and her team.  Special thanks to Carolyn and her team from the Rail family.

    Successful Surgery
  • I have been a member of Northridge since 2003, and have enjoyed various levels of exercise, as well as numerous fitness instructors. 
    Carolyn Hancox Barr has been a phenomenal trainer, fitness instructor, as well as owner.

     I attend her weekly sessions with others in a similar age group as myself.  Her personality, instruction and ability to hold everyone's attention throughout each class is outstanding!  Carolyn's music choices, as well as her terrific singing ability, add to the enjoyment of fitness. Everyone feels good at the completion of each workout class!

    I can't say enough about EVERY ASPECT of FITNESS with Carolyn, she is the BEST!!
    Kathy K

      Phenomenal fitness instructor
    • I have used Northridge Health Performance Centre for the last thirteen years. This outstanding facility and its instructors and personal trainers are top notch, providing me with a healthy aging program which is challenging, safe, varied, and fun. This is largely due to the  amazing dedication of its director Caroline Hancox-Barr who, among other duties, instructs two of my classes regularly.


      Gaylle M


      Healthy aging program
    • "The best investment I ever made"

      John B.

      Best Investment
    • "We each lost 17 inches and 2 dress sizes during the first 6 weeks following your Weight loss Program and feel amazing!"

      Diana P., Shelly R

      We each lost 17 inches and 2 dress sizes
    • "Working with my nutritional specialist, I was able to completely manage my medical condition. I feel great!"

      Carol R

      Can completely manage my medical condition and feel great


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